Regional Commissioner Update - June 2011

June 10, 2011 at 9:43 AM

As we get closer to school holidays we move into a different phase of the Scouting year, some getting ready for camps, some winding down till September and some keep on going with ‘managing and support’.
Whatever your priorities are I hope you enjoy your summer and do get a good break.
We wish everyone going to the Jamboree in Sweden the best of luck and I’m sure that this will be a great trip; I look forward to hearing how it all went.
I hope to see you at the Bonaly Birthday Bash on Saturday 11th June; I’m really looking forward to a family afternoon out.
We have been continuing with the work on the District Boundary Review, I’ve heard a lot of rumours as I’ve been at AGMs and out and about, and do you know what?  Not surprisingly they are all wrong!! As I advised previously in regard to timescales we are completing the information gathering and initial consultation stage, we have extended the date of the consultation via survey [ and any other way you would wish to contact us]  to the 23rd June so there is still time to Tell us What YOU think.
We had an excellent  Focus Group [ on the impact of District Boundaries on local Scouting ] at Lasswade on the 23rd May. Outcomes are summarised as follows:
That we were on the right track, things needed to change and that the review of boundaries was but one part of that process:
A flexibility of approach was seen as key to success;
Flexibility should extend to cross District working where this was helpful;
One size doesn’t fit all, the group hoped that we wouldn’t set down rigid criteria given the differences between urban and rural Districts etc.;
Development of Districts after the review was seen as essential; effective appointment holders was also seen as essential for the future
A plea not to split natural communities;
Each District should be able to support the full delivery of the programme range.
If you wish to add to the above or comment on them then there is still time to do so , go to the website, link to the survey, complete it, or e-mail us at
After the 23rd June we move to the analysis stage where we will be looking at what information impacts on District Boundaries and if so, how. From there we will come up with proposals and these will come to you for consultation during September so once again if you don’t tell us what you think the risk is that we don’t take your views on board so please get in touch !
Your Section, Your Group, Your District, Your Region – tell us what YOU think !
The Regional Team [DCs and ARCs]  had a good meeting last week where we delivered a short workshop on managing complaints [‘Its Complaints’ ]followed by a business meeting. The team will be meeting again after the summer to agree priorities for the future.
I have been enjoying meeting leaders at the District AGMs and look forward to meeting more this week and next.
Have a good summer break and let’s hope the weather is kind to us all.

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