Regional Chairperson Update - October 2010

October 10, 2010 at 6:13 AM

The Regional Executive Committee met on 26 August and I take this opportunity to update everyone on various aspects of the Committee’s deliberations.

Planning for the future continues to be a major part of the Committee’s work. We have now initiated detailed reviews of Bonaly Scout Centre and the Scout Centre at Valleyfield Street and a similar review of the Centre at Longcraig is also planned. The reports from these reviews will be used to inform our discussions and planning for the future. There are and will be various opportunities to input to these reviews, and if you do have any comments or ideas I would urge you to get in touch.

A lot of time has been spent assessing the need for clerical support at both Bonaly and Valleyfield Street and we are now progressing to recruit a clerical assistant in a part time role working at both Bonaly and Valleyfield Street. Further details appear elsewhere in this newsletter. As part of the development of support for both centres we are also looking at improved technological links and communication between the two centres.

I am delighted that the Region Development Project is now up and running. A Development Project Management Group, which will report to the Regional Executive, has been established to oversee the project, and Graham Coulson, our ARC Development will be the line manager for Scott Burton, our development officer.

The Regional AGM and conference at the end of this month will provide an opportunity for input to and further updates on progress and planning.

John Kennedy    Regional Chairman


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